Something Red: New Look Duffle Bag


I’ve always been a massive bag lover. Previously I would own at least ten at a time. Now that I am a grown up and into a more streamlined lifestyle, I prefer buying a bag or two a year. It is easy to stay trendy and also not overspend if you are on a tight budget. Another reason why I like this method is because I have been noticing for a while now how easily bags get ruined even if they are from well-reputed brands so if a bag lasts me more than a year I thank my lucky stars.

Looking for a new bag is like going on a quest to me. I get a mini panic attack when I realize I have nothing to lug my things around in. The crying fest starts from that day and continues while I browse around every store and say how I can’t seem to find anything I like. Am I the only one who feels our options have become very limited these days and every brand is copying the next one and we basically are presented with the same products with minor changes and quality difference?

Anyhow! After weeks and weeks of looking for something remotely presentable, somewhat unique and capable of handling my baggage, I found my bliss in New Look. I spotted this gorgeous red duffle bag with gold detailing the second time I went in. I was a bit reluctant because I wasn’t sure about the front zip detail which is for show only but the drawstrings were such a cute feature I didn’t want to miss on. The material is soft and the quality is great. What sold the bag most to me was the cross body strap and space. I often get tired of carrying the bag one way and prefer across the shoulder for ease and even though this bag did not have an adjustable strap the length was perfect for me. It might look like a small bag but it can store quite a lot. I haul half my room in a bag so trust me when I say this bag has ample storage space.

It is still available in New Look outlet in Muscat City Center. Link for the website is HERE!

Price: OMR 12.000

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Eyes & Lips: Mini Haul From Essence Cosmetics

Essence Haul (

I often say this; it takes me quite some time to go through beauty products. I am a homebody and I love chilling in my PJs all day all night without bothering to sort my face and having to socialize. I ran out of my eye products and it took me about two and half month to get my bum out of the house and purchase some new bits. No, it doesn’t bother me one bit to meet people with dead/tired/sleepy-looking face because that’s what no eye makeup makes me look like.

When it comes to eye products I always gravitate towards Essence Cosmetics. I haven’t found another brand that satisfies me the way their products do.

1- 2 in 1 Eyeliner Pen

I might not use eyeliner often but I like purchasing it from time to time. Essence always has a wide range in any product and it always fascinating to go through them all. This time, I picked their 2 in 1 Eyeliner Pen that has a thin tip on one end for precise application and a thick tip on the other for a dramatic flick. I gave it a go at the counter and knew I had to take it home. The Review will be up soon as I’ve already started using it a lot. At home too… I know!!! (Monica’s voice). Ssshh! let’s keep it a secret, please. I have a messy person reputation to uphold.

2- Get Big Lashes Volume Boost Waterproof Mascara

I’ve been using their Volume Curl mascara for a while and it is so darn good. It is almost finished now and I bought Volume Boost on a whim really. Essence mascaras always have the best results so I can’t wait to give this one a go.

3- Lipstick – 06 Barely There!

For some reason, I am into nude shades these days. I don’t know how that happened but it’s the case for now. I do plan to rectify the situation soon because I love my bold lippies. Till then enjoy this gorgeous nude that make my dark lips look presentable. It reminds me of MAC Double Shoot a lot and did I forget to mention how obsessed I am with that lipstick? Sigh!

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Ramadan Kareem + Easy No-Bake Coconut Date Balls Recipe


Ramadan Kareem, everyone! May the Holy month bring limitless blessings and happiness to you and your family. 🙂

Today marks the Third Anniversary of my blog. I can’t believe I’ve had it for so long. It makes me feel so happy. As much as I wish I had something fun planned, I was basically caught off guard by the notification from WordPress. I plan to mark it in my diary this time around so next year I am aware the blog is turning another year older.

To compensate I am sharing one of my most favorite recipes from my mum’s kitchen. She makes these amazing Coconut Date Balls that have converted a person who is opposed to dates (or anything healthy) aka me into loving them madly so much that I sometimes prefer them over the chocolate and that’s saying something. These are superb as a quick snack, sugar and energy boost. You can also serve them as an alternative to plain dates at iftars. Bonus: It is super easy. 😀


1 packet of soft/squishy dates

250g of Coconut Powder for coating


Powerful Food Processor


1- Separate the seeds out of your dates. Gather the squishy seedless dates in a plate.

2- Put your seedless dates in the food processor and fine chop them on high speed. Be careful though because in case your dates are not soft enough or there is a seed left in them, it will destroy your food processor.

3- Once finely chopped, take the mixture out on a plate.

4- Wet your palms a little with water. This is so the mixture does not stick to your hands a lot aka minimum waste. Start making small/medium sized balls by rolling portions of the date mixture.

5- Once done with making the date balls, take your coconut powder and put it in a small deep saucer or plate. Then roll the date balls in the powder so they are covered with it evenly. I like to overcoat them as much as possible because coconut with dates tastes ah-ma-zing. <3

6- Store them in an airtight container and keep them in the refrigerator for as long as you please. 😀

Pro Tip:

I like to fill the bottom of the container with quite a bit (read a lot) of coconut powder so that every time I take a bite, I coat a layer of coconut powder to the uncovered bitten part. 😛

Tweet me @famtaqblog if you give this recipe a go. 🙂

Lots of love,

~F x

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May Favorites

May Favorites

Makeup: I wasn’t doing makeup from a couple of months because I didn’t go out at all and I am certainly not the type of person who chills in her makeup at home unless I am trying out new products. I blame my laziness for that but overall I am not bothered with such stuff. In May, however, I did go out quite a lot and then there was my brother’s birthday and mine. I don’t have a specific product I fell in love with but I did fall in love with the whole routine of applying makeup. It had been so long.

Skincare: I was back to treating my skin like crap again. Bravo Fatima! *Pats shoulder*

May Book Favorites

Books: I read The Selection series by Kiera Cass the whole month – 5 books and 4 novellas. I started it with negative feelings but America Singer’s world gripped me. <3 I loved the first three books – The Selection, The Elite, The One – the best because Maxon Schreave, ha. I will soon do a review and link it here. 🙂

TV Show: I am enjoying Game of Thrones a lot this season. Except for episode 6 it has superb so far. I never watched GOT properly before this season. By that I mean I used to skip through most of it and just watch Tyrion’s parts because bae but this season has been pure gripping. I am still messed up over the Hold The Door part and I doubt I will get over it anytime soon. 🙁


Music: I am madly obsessed with The Neighbourhood atm. They are one of my favorite bands. I love Jesse’s vocals and man is he cute or what?! OBSESSED. In the start of May I was listening to their album I Love You on repeat because I thought they didn’t come out with a new one. Then I googled it and OMG I discovered their latest album Wiped Out and I can NOT stop listening to it. I love their music. I can’t pick a favorite track because the whole album is awesome. Give it a go if you like dark pop. 😉

Until next time,

~F x

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Keeping Up With My Birthday Tradition

Adidas (1) -

Adidas (2) -

Adidas (3) -

Adidas (4) -

Adidas (5) -

Adidas (6) -

Adidas (7) -

My birthday is on the 25th May and as per tradition, I got myself a birthday present. I purchased this a few months early because I just couldn’t resist. I have been speaking about my love for Adidas shoes from a bit now and that’s exactly what happened. I got myself a pair of Adidas Originals shoes. I went for the black with white stripes ones. Even though I wanted Adidas Superstar but they were not available here in my size but I am glad I got my hands on the Originals instead.

Adidas Originals are the comfiest pair ever. It was love at first wear for me. The outside material is good. I am not sure how long it will last with me because I am a rough handler. The sole is white and the shoes have a suede detailing in the front. I believe I will manage to get them dirty in no time, ha. Also, the laces are really long. I tuck them around the corners once I tie them.

If you need a funny perspective on them then let me just add I think they look like sausage buns on my feet lol. The shape is pretty similar. 😛 Jokes apart, I love my Adidas Originals. These have just tempted me to get more Adidas shoes because why not. Get the whole collection, stock it all up, and wear them never. That’s the case with me because I hardly ever go out. Introvert problems.

Are you fond of Adidas shoes? Which ones are your favorite?


~F x

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Dark Circles Nightmare & How I Am Fighting Them

The Body Shop Elderflower Unperfumed Eye Gel (

Growing up I was one of the lucky girls who never had dark circles problem. I thought it will last forever but a few weeks back I noticed the area under my eyes getting darker than usual. One day somebody pointed them out and I realized okay my dark circles are getting prominent for real. I do believe that might be because I have been working nonstop and very stressed out lately but that is my life right now and I can’t really help. However, I did make use of a little pot that’s been helping me out a lot lately.

I picked The Body Shop Elderflower Unperfumed Eye Gel a while back. In the start, I was disappointed with it because it made my under eye area crispy (I know, weird!) but I believe my skin just reacts oddly to stuff and takes time in adjusting. I left using it after a while. Then I saw Joanne Larby – an Irish Beauty Blogger and a professional makeup artist (she went to a beauty school – how cool!!) – using it. I picked it up again and I have not stopped using it since.

The Body Shop Elderflower Unperfumed Eye Gel comes in 15 ml round pot. It has a black screw cap and a transparent bottom. It is a clear gel product and as the name suggests unperfumed. As I have sensitive eyes, products with mild to strong smell often irritate my eyes so while buying this I was happy at least it won’t hurt my eyes. I scoop up a tiny amount on my little finger and apply it all over under my eyes avoiding the area where my lashes reach. Joanne Larby explained that you just need to apply it under your eyes and that area sucks up the product and deliver it to your socket. I didn’t know that so I changed my technique and this product worked wonders on me.

So far the Elderflower eye gel helps me in lightening up my dark circles whenever I use it. Sometimes I use it at night applying it before I hit the sack and sometimes I use it in the morning. I don’t have a fixed pattern and I am never consistent. I don’t do beauty things regularly and it was same with this eye gel but still this product has proven itself.

Would I recommend this? Yes and especially to people with eyes and odor sensitivity. It does the job well while being soothing on the skin and other organs lol.

Until next time!

~F x

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REVIEW ~ MAC 168 & MAC 217 Makeup Brushes

MAC 168 - 217 (

After one and half year I have finally decided to review MAC 168 and MAC 217. No, it has nothing to do with me taking time in judging them completely. Well yeah, it is part of the reason but mostly it is due to my immense procrastination. Kindly forgive!

Investing in MAC brushes was my way of building a solid basic brush collection for myself that would last me forever when I first started out with makeup a bit back. MAC usually have the most raved products so I thought to give it a go.

MAC 168 – Large Angled Contour Brush

When I saw it over the internet (and fell in love with it) I thought why not use it for blush as well because I wanted an angled blusher brush. I wanted to multitask with MAC 168. However, it didn’t really work out that well with blusher or perhaps my technique wasn’t that polished. I gave up and started using it for contouring only.

MAC 168 has a long black handle that connects to a steel molding which holds the large angled brush. Its bristles are white and very soft. They are dense but loosely packed which helps in dispersing the product in a very uneven but natural way that makes your contour look like you actually have cheekbones and a jawline. The shadows it creates look very real. The brush is big so it covers a good amount of your face with every stroke hence providing that natural look. It is great for contouring and my go to brush for it. I think it is amazing for bronzing too due to its natural application. It picks and places just the right amount.

MAC 217 – Blending Brush

This brush is what you call a total game changer when it comes to ‘Applying Eyeshadow for Beginners 101’. Not saying it is not good for professionals. It is amazing for both but as a beginner, this will provide a lot of help to you. It has the same standard long black handle with a steel mold that holds the brush. The long handle, again, is a superb help to work with. MAC 217 bristles are oval shaped and are long and dense enough to cover your eyelid in one stroke. It is amazing for single shade application and also if you want to experiment with duos. Though I believe a fluffy brush will do better for smokey eyes and that sort of thing but as an everyday eyeshadow game, this one will be amazing. Its blends like it is no one’s business. Just amazing. I haven’t purchased another eyeshadow brush ever since I got this because I prefer the ‘one swipe over the eyelid and I am done’ kind of a thing and also because single eyeshades are how I roll. #NoFussTeam

Now the general cautionary things. They tend to go a bit out of shape as in they get a bit fluffier and a few strands go in their own direction. There was a bit of shedding on MAC 168 part in the beginning but it wasn’t repeated again so far. They retain color but I believe if you take good care of them and wash them on a weekly/fortnight/monthly basis it won’t be that bad. So far mine is doing just fine.

Overall verdict: I like my MAC brushes. They are pretty, useful and easy to work with. I do get a bit annoyed when I feel like they are getting out of shape but I haven’t noticed too big a shapeshift so I am okay with them. Plus of course, the regular use and washes are bound to take a toll on them. I don’t expect them to be perfect forever anymore because that is actually not possible. Yes, my product expectations have matured up.

Would I suggest them to you lot? I think I will because I am very happy with these two. 🙂


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Until next time!

~F x

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